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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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minutes. sources reported the border patrol agents spotted matt as he appeared to raise a shotgun and point it at them. that's when they took him out. this all happened around 3:45 this afternoon. it appears officers are hot on the trail of matt's accomplice david sweat. the duo was apparently traveling together. law enforcement officials say a second round of gunfire has been heard as law enforcement is trying to close in on sweat. as we have been reporting, investigators say the two used power tools to saw through a steel cell wall and several steel steam pipes to make their escape three weeks ago. two prison workers have been arrested in connection with their escape. harry hairston, nbc 10 news. >> "nbc nightly news" will be an hour tonight with all of today's breaking news. it is one hour from 6:30 to 7:30, "nbc nightly news" tonight. among those big stories, the same-sex marriage ruling out of
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washington, d.c. today and from philadelphia and across america, strong reaction tonight. the supreme court's decision makes it now legal for anyone to get married in all states. 14 states banned gay weddings prior to today's decision. this was the scene outside the supreme court when the announcement came out just before 10:00 this morning. >> here's the breakdown from the supremes. justice kennedy wrote the majority opinion in the 5-4 vote just as he did in the court's previous three major gay rights cases. these cases date back to 1996. >> this ruling is a victory for america. this decision affirms what millions of americans already believe in their hearts. when all americans are treated as equal, we are all more free. >> we have team coverage of today's same-sex marriage ruling. we start with nbc 10's jesse
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gary live on independence mall where a rally is taking place as we speak. >> reporter: the mayor just wrapped up his remarks, mayor michael nutter returned from italy literally about 40 minutes ago, jumped in his car and he was here speaking and addressing this large crowd. you can see here right outside the national constitution center actually the visiting center for the constitution center here on independence mall. this started maybe about an hour ago and the crowd has steadily grown. you can see it's several people deep here in philadelphia. this movement got its early beginnings in philadelphia back in 1964. as a matter of fact, we are just about to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first street protest for equal rights for the lgbt community. now 50 years later, same-sex marriage is the law of the land in all 50 states. lot of people we are talking with say it's a day they thought they would never see come in their lifetime and now it is here.
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great deal of relief and happiness. we are live on independence mall, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> not everyone excited about today's landmark decision. nbc 10's drew smith talked to a local activist and religious leaders from lansdale. >> reporter: michael leads the pro-life coalition, whose group has protested favorable same-sex marriage decisions in the past. today he is upset with the u.s. supreme court. >> today we have another arrogant attack by justice kennedy on self-government. >> reporter: former pennsylvania senator and current gop presidential contender tried to rally opponents with this tweet. today, five unelected judges redefined the foundational unit of society. now it's the people's turn to speak. the catholic church is also making clear it doesn't approve of how this ruling went. archbishop charles chaput said the mistakes of the court change nothing about the nature of men and women and the truth of god's word. the task now for believers is to
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form our own families even more deeply in the love of god and to rebuild a healthy marriage culture one marriage at a time from the debris of today's decision. >> this is like a heart attack on the family. to actually redefine it. >> reporter: a local human rights attorney said this. >> the same-sex marriage battle is over locked down finished. >> reporter: but some say not so fast. the group hopes to fight back by supporting presidential and congressional candidates who would back a constitutional amendment reversing what the court legalized today. >> it's going to be a vicious attack on religious and civil liberties which is going to take a lot of courage to resist. >> reporter: he says he wishes the church would take a harder stand on this issue but said he did approve of what the archbishop said. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. look at this map. the purple states on the map banned same-sex marriage in 2003, six years ago is when the first few states began allowing same-sex marriages. each year a few more. now in 2015 after today's
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supreme court decision all 50 states must allow same-sex marriage. law makers presidential candidates and local citizens are also reacting to the news. we posted comments on our website at get ready now for another night of rain. >> and tomorrow's expected rain already pushed back the fireworks show on the delaware river from saturday to sunday. >> sounds like a good call. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joining us with the first alert forecast. >> we can pretty much guarantee there is going to be rain tomorrow night and especially tomorrow afternoon as well. that's why we've got a first alert weather day. it's not just going to be rain. some of it is going to be very heavy and we already had a lot of rain during the month of june. flood watch in effect for saturday afternoon and saturday night, one to three inches of rainfall expected. also some strong thunderstorms, potentially severe thunderstorms in parts of delaware and extreme
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south jersey. this is the area the flood watch goes from philadelphia westward, covers most of pennsylvania counties also northern delaware wilmington's had over ten inches of rain during the month of june. you can see not much around this evening, just some isolated light showers out there. some have just gone through the allentown area and now going southward into upper portions of montgomery county. there's a whole lot more rain over portions of the weekend. i will time it out for you in a few minutes. 72 hours after tuesday night's violent storm, law makers are demanding answers from atlantic city electric. governor chris christie is finally weighing in on the devastation. as nbc 10's cydney long reports, they are not on the same page. >> reporter: even though tuesday night's violent storms packed more of a punch with power outages than hurricane sandy -- >> 280,000 people in the atlantic city electric service
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area lost power. that's 60,000 more than lost power during sandy. >> reporter: governor christie isn't convinced camden and gloucester counties are in need of federal dollars. taking our questions today in trenton about the devastation. will you sign an emergency or disaster declaration should the bpu determine the devastation from the storm -- >> if it's necessary. right now what's happening is fema is on the ground with the office of emergency management and the state police and they are assessing the damage level. >> you don't have to have a name attached to a storm for it to be damaging. >> reporter: congressman donald norcross along with other south jersey law makers are demanding an investigation of atlantic city electric by the board of public utilities, claiming poor communication and coordination from the top down on restoration. utility higher-ups on the phone in front of our cameras. >> we are going to get people out there. >> very good. >> if an emergency declaration will help in any way, substantively, i will be happy to do it.
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but until someone tells me that it will, there's no reason for me to do it. >> reporter: cydney long, nbc 10 news. here's a look at how many customers are still in the dark. atlantic city electric has more than 68,000 customers without power. peco has 13,000. pse & g is down to 1100 customers without power. comcast is keeping the plug in and power up stations tonight as well as through the weekend so people can charge their phones and tablets, check out the nbc 10 app for a list of locations in hard-hit areas. tonight, septa's top cop taking the blame after the arrest of a father put the man's child in danger. the father is accused of not paying the $2 fare. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal joins us with the story. randy? >> reporter: septa police say this passenger never ponies up the $2 in change it takes to ride the train so an officer arrested him after he refused to get off this septa train in northeast philly but the video
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of this encounter posted to social media is causing some outrage. people say police used excessive force. the passenger wearing green gets on the septa train in frankford carrying what appears to be his young daughter but police say this man never paid for his fare. you watch as an officer approaches him, asks him to get off the train. but for ten minutes, police say the man wouldn't budge, refusing to leave, causing delays. at this point police say the officer uses force, grabbing the man by the neck with his young daughter caught in the middle. >> it was no reason to put that child, that black baby that precious black baby in jeopardy at all, for a damn citation. >> reporter: activists are now demanding the officers involved be put on desk duty saying they should have de-escalated the situation. >> the child is why we are upset. >> jeopardizing the safety of the child just isn't something that any of us want to do. >> reporter: septa police have announced an internal affairs
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investigation. they say the man did resist arrest and failed to pay for his trip but they are looking into whether force was necessary. >> it's my concern and everybody else's concern is that force is used with a little child in the middle. that's where you step back and me as a leader step back and reflect. >> reporter: septa police tell us this officer is a 16 year veteran of the force, had no prior complaints against him. the chief tells us that the officer was actually worried that if he let the guy go he would be facing disciplinary action. that's why septa's police chief saying today he does take responsibility for this incident. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. an alert tonight for a terror threat for an isis attack on american soil through the july fourth weekend. the details came to light just hours before a terror attack at a u.s.-run gas factory in france with ties to our area. four suspects in the attack are
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in custody. this morning a car crashed into some gas cannisters at the factory's entrance. that touched off an explosion. one person was killed. police say the victim was beheaded. several others were injured. the factory is owned by a local company in lehigh company, air products a chemical company. 25 local workers were in france today but none of them was hurt. i'm tracking a lot of rain for tomorrow and tomorrow night. if you have outdoor plans, stick around for the time with my first alert forecast. plus south jersey crops damaged from this week's damaging winds. what this means about food prices at the supermarket.
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updating our breaking news
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now, one of the two prison escapees on the run for three weeks is now dead. police shot and killed richard matt this afternoon in malone new york about 30 miles from the prison where they escaped. david sweat is still on the run. nbc news confirming a second round of gunfire was heard just a short time ago. they say authorities are in hot pursuit of sweat. of course we will continue to follow the situation and "nbc nightly news" will have the latest from the scene coming up at 6:30. new at 6:00 a cherry hill woman says someone groped her in the moorestown parking lot as she walked to her car last night around 9:00. another shopper came to her rescue. the man ran away. some of your favorite summer produce could end up costing you more. >> that's right. the storm that pummeled parts of our region and left hundreds of thousands of people without power also blasted some local farms. hammonton is known as the blueberry capital of the world. there are also lots of tomatoes
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in ocean county. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg shows us the damage. >> quite a few berries hit the ground. >> reporter: tens of thousands of blue berries blown off their bushes at columbia fruit farms in hammonton. the berries are a costly casualty of tuesday's severe storm. >> i have never seen anything like this. never. >> reporter: in a community known as the blueberry capital of the world, the damage here and at other local farms couldn't come at a worse time. >> the blueberries are short, supply and demand. supply and demand. the cost is going to go up. no doubt about that. >> reporter: a lot of blueberries were just about ready to be picked but once on the ground they can't be sold. >> we have too many regulations with food safety and once they hit the ground, they're lost. >> reporter: meanwhile, the push is on to pull rows of tomato plants back up at beachview farms in stafford township. they are in danger of rotting after the storm left them
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leaning. >> if we don't do this now, within a week they will all be gone. >> reporter: fierce winds destroyed two modified greenhouses here taking out nearly all of the swiss chard, kale and eggplant crops they now can't sell at farm markets. >> a lot of people eggplant peppers are two staple crops in the summer. unfortunately, we won't have much of them. >> reporter: he says customers will have to shell out more for produce that did survive to help pay to rebuild what mother nature tore down. >> some of the other products will be a little more expensive. >> reporter: with the power out for a third day, a generator kept the packing plant at columbia fruit farms up and running. without that the owners say, their blues would be even worse. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> that was about the most widespread wind damage i have seen outside of a hurricane.
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just a phenomenal storm. we've got a different type of storm here causing a first alert weather day for tomorrow afternoon and night. we've got a flood watch in effect for a good bit of the area one to three inches of rain is likely and some strong to severe thunderstorms in parts of the area, too. the main threat this weekend is for the heavy rain to cause some at least localized flooding. we are not expecting the big rivers to flood, for example. but there will be a good bit of lightning and maybe even a good bit of wind in those areas where the severe thunderstorms in delaware and extreme south jersey tomorrow afternoon. we will look out for that. in the upper 70s to the low 80s right now across much of the area. we hit 82 degrees today and at the shore, all the wind is starting to come in from the ocean. at least the ocean temperature's up to 71. that's going to help us out a little bit at the shore, because with the onshore wind tomorrow it will be even colder than this
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if the ocean was down. it's still going to be a nasty day, especially in the afternoon and at night. a warmer day probably dry on sunday. way better at the shore on sunday. it's a half and half weekend right there. the poconos, just a horrible day on saturday. heavy rain chilly but just some scattered showers around on sunday. so at least there's considerable improvement. we have a flood watch from philadelphia westward and there is the potential for localized flooding there and also the risk for severe storms in most of delaware and extreme south jersey. just isolated light showers, some in south jersey, some up in the lehigh valley right now. this is nothing compared to what we are going to be seeing tomorrow. you can see this tremendous area of rain and thunderstorms, all sorts of warnings out there. by tomorrow morning, if it's going to be dry at any point tomorrow it will be early in the day. get your jogging and walk the
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dog or whatever early golf time tomorrow, because here comes the rain. the later you go in the day, the heavier that rain is going to be. and into the nighttime hours, yeah it's going to be pretty heavy. we are talking about multiple inches of rain but it's not going to rain all weekend. for tonight, just isolated showers early, then cloudy 64 degrees for the low. tomorrow, the rain developing becoming heavy in the afternoon and heavy at night, too. high of 72 but it will drop into the 60s when the rain starts getting heavier. it will be chilly tomorrow. much warmer and nicer on sunday just the chance of a shower especially toward the poconos and then we start to warm up on monday and we get downright hot and stormy on tuesday. i'm john clark. ryn ryne sandberg resigns as phillies manager. could joel embiid need surgery?
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i'm john clark. ryne resigns. sandberg shocked management this morning. he came in and told them he was quitting. he says he has thought about this for a couple of weeks. phils have the worst record in baseball. sandberg leaves with the worst record for a phils' manager in 43 years. some players were openly questioning him on the field recently. he had some troubles communicating with key players and new management will be coming in soon. maybe andy macphail, who was president of the cubs when they decided not to hire ryne there.
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>> with some changes at the top looming, i go back to my statement, i did not want to be in the way of anything happening and the progress going forward. just the accumulation of in my mind, the losses. i do not like to lose. i hate to lose. i think that's the biggest thing that weighed on me. >> ruben amaro says he takes some responsibility for what happened on the field. pete mackanin will be the interim manager. he says quote, there's only so much you can do when you don't have the talent of other teams. he's not happy about being put in this situation. >> i don't like it. it's something that i'm willing to do because i like the phillies. they have been very good to me. i think it's important for us to get past this as quickly as possible. >> i think we have to be responsible for everything we do. losses are all on us, too. we go 0 for 5 or i lose a ball game we're not able to close out a game properly, that's all on us.
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to the sixers the g.m. today spoke about drafting jahlil okafor last night, saying he won't trade them even though they have embiid and noel. he says they will always draft the best player available, not based on need. he says okafor is a generational player. okafor was the best post player in college basketball last season. >> you don't see players like jah in today's era. not very often. you don't see them. they don't come along in a way where you're looking to feed them over and over and over where they have been commanding double teams since they were 12 or 13 years old. now the question is if someone comes back and enters our league that does that again, what happens. >> joel embiid is visiting doctors about his foot. the g.m. said you can call it a setback, saying they are close to deciding what to do. surgery is still an option. flyers have the seventh pick in the nhl draft tonight. we'll be right back.
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for all of us i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> i'm jim rosenfield. "nbc nightly news" is next. tonight, breaking news on several stories as we come on the air. a dramatic takedown in the manhunt for two escaped killers. one shot dead. we're there tonight. law of the land. american history as the supreme court rules same-sex marriage is legal in every state in the union. celebrations and weddings under way. massacre at the beach. deadly terror attacks on three different continents. and tonight nbc news has learned u.s. intelligence is bracing for a july 4th threat. and amazing grace. a rousing, extraordinary tribute in charleston as president obama leads a church of mourners and a wounded city in song and an unforgettable remembrance. a very busy night, and our coverage begins right now.


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